On the concept of "field" in architectural theory and practice

Kuzlu, Emre
This study aims at explaining the significance of the أfieldؤ concept in contemporary architecture and urbanism, in reference to the technical definitions of the term in different disciplines. In this context, it investigates the concepts of أfieldؤ in physics, psychology, art theory and criticism. It highlights the reinterpretation of the أfieldؤ concept in physics by eminent Gestalt psychologists, and its consequences for architecture and urbanism. Starting from the definitions of the concept of أfieldؤ by Kurt Koffka and Kurt Lewin, and from the Gestalt Theory that constitutes the basis of these definitions, it brings into discussion a group of related notions that have been employed in art and architectural theory and criticism: أpsychophysical field,ؤ أpsychological life space,ؤ أfigure-ground,ؤ أfigure-field,ؤ and أfield-field.ؤ
Citation Formats
E. Kuzlu, “On the concept of “field” in architectural theory and practice,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2004.