Chemoenzymatic synthesis of chiral hydroxymethyl cycloalkenols

Şenocak, Deniz
Chiral cyclic alkenols with hydroxymethyl functionality are important structural units in many biologically active natural compouds such as prostaglandins, sesquiterpene antiviral agents, pentenomycins, xanthocidin, sarkomycin, etc. 1,3-cycloalkanediones are converted into bicyclic polyoxo derivatives with formaldehyde and trioxane in the presence of Lewis acid. Selective oxidation of the bicyclic compounds by using manganese(III)acetate followed by enzyme-catalyzed kinetic resolution afforded chiral bicyclic hydroxy ketones. Reduction of carbonyl group and cleavage of the ether functionality furnished the desired chiral cycloalkanols with hydroxymethyl group. This study is a model for the synthesis of these type of compounds.
Citation Formats
D. Şenocak, “Chemoenzymatic synthesis of chiral hydroxymethyl cycloalkenols,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.