The impact of the european union upon european identity

Görgün, Tuğrul
This study examines the making of the European identity concept under the impact of the European Union (EU) project. In order to define the structure of the European identity, theoretical and historical aspects have been scrutinised. Besides, the Eurobarometers (EBs) have been used to analyse the condition of European identity perception among the people of the member countries. The results of the EBs data show that the popularisation of the European identity is limited and the elite character of this identity seems dominant. The EU still lacks its common political identity, which forms a political agenda, and a supranational political identity. This thesis has concluded that the popularisation of the European identity can ensure more political unity for the EU, and this unity can be realised only with a multiple identity perception including current strong identities of the Europe.


The evolving concept of flexible integration within the European union : a tool for managing diversity?
Er, Başak; Kahraman, Sevilay; Department of International Relations (2004)
This thesis scrutinizes أflexible integrationؤ as an evolving concept within the European Union. It aims to understand the framework in which the debate on flexibility has taken place before the institutionalisation of the mechanism with the Treaty of Amsterdam through examining the different conceptualisations, past examples and the political debate associated with these examples. After analysing the Treaty provisions on flexible integration, the thesis attempts to answer the question whether this mechanis...
Development of a national set of environmental performance indicators
Çapar, Gökşen; Yetiş, Ülkü (null; 2015-05-21)
Purpose: This study was conducted as part of an EU funded project; “EuropeAid/125541/D/SER/T Technical Assistance for the Establishment of a Turkish Environmental Information Exchange Network (TEIEN)”. The purpose of the study is to develop a set of national environment indicators for Turkey. Methods: The national set of environmental performance indicators was based on DPSIR (Driving forcePressure-State-Impact-Response) model. The selection of indicators was performed based on international indicator sets ...
The structure of national and subnational institutions in European Union candidate countries and EU implications' for regional policy
Oğuzsoy, Cenk Mehmet; Kayasü, Serap; Department of City and Regional Planning (2004)
The European Union is now facing with the enormous enlargement processes, which comprise thirteen new countries. Different from the European Union member states, these candidate countries are suffering significant socio-economic problems and have to face with the need for adjustment of their regional policies, administrations and institutions. In this process, the EU is intervening actively into the development of the Central and Eastern European Countries2 regional policies and institutional structures. Wh...
A critical reading of the discourses of europeanization and multi-level
Öner, Nilgün; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of European Studies (2004)
This thesis analyzes the transformation of the European Nation State and the effects of the discourses on Europeanization and Governance on the European Union Integration process. European policies had penetrated into the political systems of its member states as a result of European Integration process. As a result, discourses on Europeanization changed domestic political structures and modes of governance. This process of Europeanization requires a new system of governance and the recent debates are shape...
European Union citizenship and its impacts on the formation of European political identity
Kolsuz, Neval; Yurdusev, Ahmet Nuri; Department of European Studies (2010)
This thesis aims at evaluating the impacts of European Union Citizenship on the development process of European political identity. With the introduction of European Union citizenship upon the ratification of the Treaty of Maastricht, a breath of fresh air has been brought to the ongoing debates and a new form of citizenship has taken its place in the literature. The “workers’ right to free movement ” which was the core of the push for European citizenship, has played a pioneering role for the rights engend...
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T. Görgün, “The impact of the european union upon european identity,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.