Utilization of natural gas, optimization of cogeneration/combined cycle applications in campus environment

Özgirgin, Ekin
A computer program, called أCogeneration Design" is developed using Visual Basic 6.0, for conceptually designing cogeneration power plants. Design is focused on power plants to be built in university campuses, where there is mainly heating, hot water, electricity and sometimes cooling demands. Middle East Technical University campus is considered as the primary working area. Before the conceptual design study, detailed information regarding description of the campus, infrastructure, annual electric, water and heat demand covering last 10 years, properties of existing heat plant including natural gas expenses and specifications of the steam distribution pipes and electricity grid are collected and examined in detail. Throughout the thesis, eight different natural gas fired cogeneration power plant designs are developed regarding different gas turbine and steam turbine configurations, for METU Campus, considering the Campus' properties described above, by using the "Cogeneration Design" program. Then, by means of a thermoeconomic optimization process, cost summary reports are prepared and the feasibility of the designed cogeneration power plants are discussed.


Design, fabrication, and experimental evaluation of microchannel heat sinks in cpu cooling
Koyuncuoğlu, Aziz; Okutucu Özyurt, Hanife Tuba; Arınç, Faruk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2010)
A novel complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) compatible microchannel heat sink is designed, fabricated, and tested for electronic cooling applications. The proposed microchannel heat sink requires no design change of the electronic circuitry underneath. Therefore, microchannels can be fabricated on top of the finished CMOS wafers by just adding a few more steps to the fabrication flow. Combining polymer (parylene C) and metal (copper) structures, a high performance microchannel heat sink can be ea...
Generating functions and their applications
Bilgin, Begül; Doğanaksoy, Ali; Department of Cryptography (2010)
Generating functions are important tools that are used in many areas of mathematics and especially statistics. Besides analyzing the general structure of sequences and their asymptotic behavior; these functions, which can be roughly thought as the transformation of sequences into functions, are also used effciently to solve combinatorial problems. In this thesis, the effects of the transformations of generating functions on their corresponding sequences and the effects of the change in sequences on the gene...
Dosi, Anar (American Mathematical Society (AMS), 2011-02-01)
In the present paper we introduce quantum measures as a concept of quantum functional analysis and develop the fractional space technique in the quantum (or local operator) space framework. We prove that each local operator algebra (or quantum *-algebra) has a fractional space realization. This approach allows us to formulate and prove a noncommutative Albrecht-Vasilescu extension theorem, which in turn solves the quantum moment problem.
Manguoğlu, Murat; Sameh, Ahmed H.; Grama, Ananth (Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2010-01-01)
The emergence of multicore architectures and highly scalable platforms motivates the development of novel algorithms and techniques that emphasize concurrency and are tolerant of deep memory hierarchies, as opposed to minimizing raw FLOP counts. While direct solvers are reliable, they are often slow and memory-intensive for large problems. Iterative solvers, on the other hand, are more efficient but, in the absence of robust preconditioners, lack reliability. While preconditioners based on incomplete factor...
Construction of substitution boxes depending on linear block codes
Yıldız, Senay; Yücel, Melek D; Department of Cryptography (2004)
The construction of a substitution box (S-box) with high nonlinearity and high resiliency is an important research area in cryptography. In this thesis, t-resilient nxm S-box construction methods depending on linear block codes presented in "A Construction of Resilient Functions with High Nonlinearity" by T. Johansson and E. Pasalic in 2000, and two years later in "Linear Codes in Generalized Construction of Resilient Functions with Very High Nonlinearity" by E. Pasalic and S. Maitra are compared and the fo...
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E. Özgirgin, “Utilization of natural gas, optimization of cogeneration/combined cycle applications in campus environment,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.