Automobile travel reduction in urban areas and city centers, case study : Ankara

Akar, Gülşah
This thesis analyzes the car ownership and use issues worldwide and in Ankara. There has been an extremely rapid increase in car traffic in major cities, leading to car dependence and its adverse affects, all over the world. This thesis takes its starting point the driving forces behind car ownership and use, and the increasing problems caused by the car traffic in urban centers. Then, car travel reduction measures and their consequences are reviewed by examples. The urban transportation in Ankara is analyzed, both in terms of recent policies and the data obtained, in order to find out if the car ownership and use would generate similar problems in Ankara. The applicability of car travel reduction options in Ankara and the conflicts in the recent urban transportation policies are discussed. This research does not recommend simple solutions, but concludes that a broad spectrum of measures must be applied in order to reduce the problems.
Citation Formats
G. Akar, “Automobile travel reduction in urban areas and city centers, case study : Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.