The effect of journal writing on first year engineering students' achievement on integral

Tosmur, Nermin
This study investigated the effects of journal writing with or without giving feedback and grade, compared to the traditional teaching on integral achievement of students with different learning styles. In addition, students̕ ideas about the journal writing activities in the mathematics classes were investigated. The study was carried out with 87 first year engineering students at Atilim University from three classes. Two groups were assigned as experimental groups (EG1 and EG2) and one group was assigned as the control group (CG). Students in all groups received the same instruction on integral. Experimental groups (EG1 and EG2) also engaged in journal writing activities besides lectures. Journal writings of the EG1 students were graded and feedback was given. Journal writings of the EG2 students, however, were not graded and feedback was not given. Two open-ended achievement tests on integral were developed. One of them was used as pre-test; the other was used as post-test. In addition, Kolb̕s Learning Style Inventory was administered as pre-test to determine the learning styles of the students. Follow-up interviews were conducted with ten students from EG1 and EG2. Additionally, v classrooms were observed during the treatment. The results of the ANCOVA suggest that neither the groups̕ achievement nor the achievement of the students having different learning styles in each group differ significantly on integral. The results of the interviews, however, showed that students found journal writing activities as an effective teaching method and wanted to be engaged in the activity for the future.


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N. Tosmur, “The effect of journal writing on first year engineering students’ achievement on integral,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.