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Ccd photometry and time series analysis of v2275 cyg and rw umi using data from the TUBITAK national observatory

Yılmaz, Mustafa Arda
In this work, we analyze the data from 1.5 m telescope of Tubitak National Observatory (TUG) for two objects V2275 Cyg and RW UMi. After applying aperture and PSF photometry to the CCD data, we derive the light curve of the objects. Also we apply discrete Fourier transform and Scargle time series analysis to obtain power spectrum and search for periodicities in their power spectra in which both systems show interesting properties. We discover large variations in V2275 Cyg due to irradiation effects on the secondary, with an orbital period Porb = 0.316±0.007 day. We also detect a very short orbital period for RW UMi Porb = 1.96±0.073h and also a spin period Pspin = 1.29±0.036h in the presence of several beat frequencies. These results (if con?rmed) lead us to say that RW UMi can be an intermediate of polar system.