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Theoretical investigaton of AltiNi ternary glusters : density functioanal theory calculations and molecular dynamics simulations

Oymak, Hüseyin
This doctoral study consists of three parts. In the first part, structural and electronic properties of Al_kTi_lNi_m (k+l+m=2,3) microclusters have been investigated by performing density functional theory (DFT) calculations within the B3LYP [which comprises the Becke-88 exchange functional and the correlation functional of Lee, Yang, and Parr] and the effective core potential (ECP) level. Dimers and trimers of the elements aluminum, titanium, and nickel, and their binary and ternary combinations have been studied in their ground states. The optimum geometries, possible dissociation channels, vibrational properties, and electronic structure of the clusters under study have been obtained. In the second part, after an empirical potential energy function (PEF) has been parametrized for the AlTiNi ternary system, stable (minimum-energy) structures of Al_kTi_lNi_m (k+l+m=4) microclusters have been determined by molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The energetics of the microclusters in 1K and 300 K have been discussed. By performing, again, DFT calculations (within the B3LYP and ECP level), the possible dissociation channels and electronic properties of the obtained clusters have been calculated. In the last part, using the empirical PEF parametrized previously for the AlTiNi ternary system, minimum-energy structures of Al_nTi_nNi_n (n= 1-16) ternary alloy nanoparticles have been determined by performing MD simulations. The structural and energetic features of the obtained nanoparticles have been investigated.