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Liquidity risk in banking sector : a ratio analysis applied to Turkish commercial banks

Ayaydın, Hande
The financial crises and bank runs in the past decade increased attention to the financial systems. In Turkey as in Europe banks are main financial intermediaries and financial crises occur mostly due to realization of risks in banks. Although liquidity risk is embedded into daily operations of banks unless controlled it may take banks into insolvency and even bankruptcy. This thesis aims to examine liquidity risk structure of Turkish banking sector. As a sample the domestic commercial banks in Turkey is chosen. The risk profile of the sector is examined by using a ratio analysis. The accounting figures in balance sheets and income statements of banks are employed for statistical analysis about liquidity risk of the sector. The means of liquidity ratios among different groups of banks are compared via analysis of variance. Moreover relation between liquidity risk and return in the sector is analysed by using panel data regressions.