Effect of constructed web-supported instruction on achievement related to research methods

Emmungil, Levent
This study examined the effect of constructed web-supported instruction on students̕ achievement related to research methods. Also, in this study, constructed web site was tracking the activities of students, namely entrance and exit time, logs of each entrance to the tests as well as the results of each entrance, and posts to the forum. Another intention of the study was to construct a web support system for traditionally offered courses in order to decrease both instructor and students efforts to communicate and reach for sources. In addition, the web site was prepared as a dynamic web site to decrease the instructor̕s construct and update time of the web site to the minimum level. The subjects of the study were 24 graduate students of SSME 520 Research Methods in Education course offered by the SSME Department of METU. None of the subjects was offered an on-line course before. The study used both quantitative and qualitative measurements to analyze the effectiveness of the site and. The results of the study showed that students had an average achievement value of 68%. There was significant correlation between the summary section usage of web site and research methods achievement, and test section usage of web site and research methods achievement. But there was no significant correlation between forum section usage of web site and research methods achievement. Another result showed that supportive web site should provide asynchronous communication for more effective usage. It can also be concluded that the speed and the visual design of the web site is very important for the students. During the development process, properties of web-based course management systems were taken as the models. Preferences of those systems were tried to accomplish. Unlike those systems, the developed site was not created for stand-alone course management systems but for an aid to the


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L. Emmungil, “Effect of constructed web-supported instruction on achievement related to research methods,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.