A course content management system development and its usability

Kavaklı, Hamdi
Effectiveness and usefullness among the important factors that affect success of online learning environments. During this study, a course-content management system developed regarding effectivity and usability related concerns. One major aim of this study is to develop effective and usable system. In this study, a course-content management system designed and developed under the light of previous researches. In the design phase, effective design strategies and characteristics of effective and usable learning systems were explored, and system was designed considering these strategies. Then, development phase applied. After system developed, usability techniques was explored, and heuristic evaluation method was choosed as a usability method to measure usability of the system. During the study, modified version of a checklist that was prepared considering usability heuristics. Applied checklist contains total 108 questions under 13 heuristics (major usability problem). Heuristic evaluation is an expert review method. Therefore, this study should have been evaluated by experts. 8 experts enrolled in this study. All experts are either Phd or graduate students at instructional technology departments and they have enrolled in web-based studies. They investigated the usability of the course-content management system according to the usability related criterias on the checklist. When test results were considered, a course-contentmanagement system developed during this study was found usable. Results of this study may enlighten the way of future studies.
Citation Formats
H. Kavaklı, “A course content management system development and its usability,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.