Independent regulatory agencies : The world experience and the Turkish case

Sönmez, Ümit
The thesis explores the nature and characteristics of the independent regulatory agencies, which become a crucial component of the current administrative structures,as well as the possible sources and dynamics behind their emergence. The study begins with investigating in what way the methodological premises of the theories of public choice, new public management, and governance affected the formation, functioning and justification of these agencies and makes an inquiry into the connection between them and the neo-liberal policies implemented since the 1980s.It then focuses on the independent regulatory agencies in the Turkish case and examines the impact of the economic and political conditions in the neo-liberal period in the emergence of these agencies. The thesis seeks to explain the peculiarity of the emergence of IRAs in Turkey, as compared to their American and European counterparts, with special reference to the process of European Integration and to the pressures exerted by the international financial agencies within the context of economic crisis. As geared to the achievement of these objectives, a critical assessment of the debates on independent regulatory agencies in the literature has been made within the scope of the study.
Citation Formats
Ü. Sönmez, “Independent regulatory agencies : The world experience and the Turkish case ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.