Geology and petrology of Beypazarı-Oymaağaç granitoids /

İpekgil, Ceren
The purpose of this study is to investigate the origin, source characteristics, evolution petrogenesis and emplacement mechanisms of Beypazari-Oymaagaç granitoids. These granitoids are intruded into a metamorphic basement and nonconformably overlain by Neogene clastic rocks. Field work, petrographical and geochemical studies are carried out to determine the petrologic features and tectonic setting of the granitoid body. The Beypazari-Oymaagaç pluton is a composite pluton with its host batholith, enclaves, aplite dykes and a pegmatite. The batholith is generally composed of quartz, K-feldspar, plagioclase and hornblende. Field observations and petrographic investigations indicate that the host batholith has granodiorite composition and shows distinct differences in the abundances of quartz, amphibole minerals (e.g., hornblende) and of enclaves. The samples taken from Tavuktasi Tepe contain relatively less amphibole and enclaves but more quartz. Compared with them, samples from the rest of the batholith have relatively abundant amphibole, K-feldspar megacrysts, and enclaves but less quartz. Enclaves derived from magma mixing/mingling processes are dioritic in composition. Geochemical data obtained from whole rock analyses show that the pluton is shallowly emplaced and has calc-alkaline, metaluminous to peraluminous chemistry. It is characterized by enrichments in LIL and LREE, especially in K, Rb and Th. Although, there is a distinct petrographic variation in the batholith, the geochemical characteristics are uniform throughout the pluton. The Oymaagaç Granitoids which have I-type identity are typical representatives of magmatic arc environment. The present study suggests that the possible source of magma is the upper crust and can be compared with the coeval volcanism in Galatean Volcanic Arc.
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C. İpekgil, “Geology and petrology of Beypazarı-Oymaağaç granitoids /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.