Investigation in thermal cracking of n-hexane /

Zamiri, A. Amin


Investigation in the drying and low temperature carbonisation of Seyit Ömer lignites /
Sayın, Itır; Department of Chemical Engineering (1971)
Investigation in the mixing behaviour of Batı-Raman and Şelmo crude oils /
Koç, İbrahim; Department of Chemical Engineering (1969)
Investigation of cleaning possibility of Çayirhan lignites.
Çelebi, Neş'e; Department of Mining Engineering (1981)
Investigation of glass transition temperature of asphalt concrete
Qadir, A.; Güler, Murat (2017-09-01)
The presented manuscript identifies the mix design parameters important for the glasstransition temperature and thermo-volumetric properties of asphalt–concrete mixes. Anumber of compacted specimens were prepared at air-void content, by mixingcomposition of materials in terms of aggregate origins, asphalt types, andgradations. The compacted mixes were later sized to required dimensions and weresubjected to a uniform rate of cooling in a specially designed testing machine. Thecontraction of the sample during...
Investigation of biogas production potential of three different sludges after thermal hydrolysis
Arı Akdemir, Ece.; Sanin, F. Dilek.; Department of Environmental Engineering (2019)
Biogas production through anaerobic digestion using biological sludge is one the sustainable approaches. Hydrolysis is the first and rate limiting step during anaerobic digestion. For enhancement of hydrolysis of sludge, it is feasible to investigate pre-treatment before anaerobic digestion process. In this research, biogas and methane production potentials of municipal wastewater treatment plants sludge, membrane bioreactor sludge and organized industrial district sludge were investigated using small scale...
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A. A. Zamiri, “Investigation in thermal cracking of n-hexane /,” Middle East Technical University, 1971.