The theme of alienation in Turkish novels : the decade of the 1970s

Büker, Zeynep
This thesis aims at explaining the forms and styles in which the phenomenon of alienation found expression in Turkish novels, particularly in the 1970s. For this purpose, three novels of the decade are chosen for in-depth analysis since they are considered to be most representative examples. It was important to question how these three novels have ascribed significance to the existing conditions of alienation. Therefore, the specific discussion of this thesis dwells on whether these novels offer any alternative approach or whether there is any possibility of such an alternative. Thus, the analyses of the characters in the novels are based on their designation as they experience the adverse consequences of the phenomenon of alienation. In spite of the fact that the novels differ among themselves in their particular approach to alienation, there is a general attempt to designate a sense of consciousness that is not totally effective in overcoming negative consequences of this phenomenon.
Citation Formats
Z. Büker, “The theme of alienation in Turkish novels : the decade of the 1970s,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.