Signal reconstruction from nonuniform samples

Serdaroğlu, Bülent
Sampling and reconstruction is used as a fundamental signal processing operation since the history of signal theory. Classically uniform sampling is treated so that the resulting mathematics is simple. However there are various instances that nonuniform sampling and reconstruction of signals from their nonuniform samples are required. There exist two broad classes of reconstruction methods. They are the reconstruction according to a deterministic, and according to a stochastic model. In this thesis, the most fundamental aspects of nonuniform sampling and reconstruction, according to a deterministic model, is analyzed, implemented and tested by considering specific nonuniform reconstruction algorithms. Accuracy of reconstruction, computational efficiency and noise stability are the three criteria that nonuniform reconstruction algorithms are tested for. Specifically, four classical closed form interpolation algorithms proposed by Yen are discussed and implemented. These algorithms are tested, according to the proposed criteria, in a variety of conditions in order to identify their performances for reconstruction quality and robustness to noise and signal conditions. Furthermore, a filter bank approach is discussed for the interpolation from nonuniform samples in a computationally efficient manner. This approach is implemented and the efficiency as well as resulting filter characteristics is observed. In addition to Yen's classical algorithms, a trade off algorithm, which claims to find an optimal balance between reconstruction accuracy and noise stability is analyzed and simulated for comparison between all discussed interpolators. At the end of the stability tests, Yen's third algorithm, known as the classical recurrent nonuniform sampling, is found to be superior over the remaining interpolators, from both an accuracy and stability point of view.
Citation Formats
B. Serdaroğlu, “Signal reconstruction from nonuniform samples,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.