Organizational structures and networks of four Islamıst/Islamic women's NGOs in Turkey : in the context of new social movement

Küçükoğlu, Lütfiye Sevinç
The main purpose of this study is to understand the organizational structures of Islamist/Islamic women̕s NGOs and explain the network mechanisms of them in the context of new social movements. This study is based on a social movement research; thus, both organizational structures and network mechanisms of Islamist/Islamic women̕s NGOs are explained and analyzed in terms of the features of new social movements, to answer the question of ءwhether Islamist/Islamic women̕s NGOs are potential and possible actors of a possible Islamist/Islamic women̕s movement in Turkey̕. The fieldwork of the present study was conducted on Islamist/Islamic women̕s NGOs, which were selected according to a purposive sampling. 4 NGOs were selected, of which founders and the active members are all Islamist/Islamic women, from 4 cities of Turkey, One NGO was selected from each city. The semi-structured interviews and deep interviews were the main data collection techniques used to get information about their organizational structures and network mechanisms. The responses were analyzed through the issues of organizational diversities, three different levels of network mechanisms, and networking types in the context of formation a new social movement. As network mechanisms, the three levels of networks defined in the study: relations with the state and local governments, networks with the NGOs outside the sampling group and networks among the NGOs inside the sampling group, in the framework of the role and potential of Islamist/Islamic women̕s NGOs to form an Islamist/Islamic women̕s movement.
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L. S. Küçükoğlu, “Organizational structures and networks of four Islamıst/Islamic women’s NGOs in Turkey : in the context of new social movement,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.