A new fuzzy-chaotic modelling proposal for medical diagnostic processes

Beyan, Timur
Main reason of this study is to set forth the internal paradox of the basic approach of the artificial intelligence in the medical field to by discussing on the theoretical and application levels and to suggest solutions in theory and practice against that. In order to rule out the internal paradox in the medical decision support systematic, a new medical model is suggested and based on this, concepts such as disease, health, etiology, diagnosis and treatment are questioned. Meanwhile, with the current scientific data, a simple application sample based on how a decision making system which was set up by fuzzy logic and which is based on the perception of human as a complex adaptive system has been explained. Finally, results of the research about accuracy and validity of this application, current improvements based on the current model and the location on the artificial intelligence theory is discussed.
Citation Formats
T. Beyan, “A new fuzzy-chaotic modelling proposal for medical diagnostic processes,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.