Evolutionary algorithms for deterministic and stochastic unconstrained function optimization

Koçkesen, Talip Kerem
Most classical unconstrained optimization methods require derivative information. Different methods have been proposed for problems where derivative information cannot be used. One class of these methods is heuristics including Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs). In this study, we propose EAs for unconstrained optimization under both deterministic and stochastic environments. We design a crossover operator that tries to lead the algorithm towards the global optimum even when the starting solutions are far from the optimal solution. We also adapt this algorithm to a stochastic environment where there exist only estimates for the function values. We design new parent selection schemes based on statistical grouping methods and a replacement scheme considering existing statistical information. We test the performance of our algorithms using functions from the literature and newly introduced functions and obtain promising results.
Citation Formats
T. K. Koçkesen, “Evolutionary algorithms for deterministic and stochastic unconstrained function optimization,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.