Development of a database management system for small and medium sized enterprises

Şafak, Çiğdem
Databases and database technology have become an essential component of everyday life in modern society. As databases are widely used in every organization with a computer system, control of data resources and management of data are very important. Database Management System (DBMS) is the most significant tool developed to serve multiple users in a database environment consisting of programs that enable users to create and maintain a database. Windows Distributed Internet Applications (DNA) architecture describes a framework of building software technologies together in an integrated web and client-server model of computing. This thesis focuses on development of a general database management system, for small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises, by using Windows DNA technology. Defining, constructing and manipulating institutional, commercial and operational data of the company is the main frame of the work. And also by integrating أOptimizationؤ and أAgentؤ system components which were previously developed in Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering Department, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory (METUCIM) into the SME DBMS, a unified information system is developed. أOptimizationؤ system was developed in order to calculate optimum cutting conditions for turning and milling operations. أAgentؤ system was implemented to control and send work orders to the available manufacturing cell in METUCIM. The components of these systems are redesigned to share a unique database together with the newly developed أSME Information Systemؤ application program in order to control data redundancy and to provide data sharing and data integrity.
Citation Formats
Ç. Şafak, “Development of a database management system for small and medium sized enterprises,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.