Pommes: a tool for quantitative project management

Bozkurt, Candaş
Metric collection process and Project Management activities cannot be performed in an integrated fashion on most of the software projects. In software engineering world, there are Project Management Tools that has embedded project metrics and there are various Metric Collection Tools that collect specific metrics for satisfying requirements of different software life cycle phase activities (Configuration Management, Requirements Management, Application Development tools etc.). These tools however are not communicating with each other with any interface or any common database. This thesis focuses on the development of a tool to define, export, collect and use metrics for software project planning, tracking and oversight processes. To satisfy these objectives, POMMES with functionalities of Generic Metric Definition, Collection, Analysis, and Import, Update and Export of Project Metrics from 3rd Party Project Management Tools is developed and implemented in a software organization during this thesis work.
Citation Formats
C. Bozkurt, “Pommes: a tool for quantitative project management,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.