Study of modeling of water saturation in archie and non-archie porous media

Dalkhaa, Chantsalmaa
The aim of this thesis is to study water saturation models available in the literature and to apply a proper one to a real field case. Archie equation is the most well-known water saturation model. However, it is formulated on some assumptions and is applicable to only clean sands. Archie equation cannot be used for shaly formation. There are many shaly water saturation models that account for shale effect for water saturation estimation. In this study, 3 wells, namely Well-01, Well-02 and Well-03 are studied. These wells lie in a fractured carbonate reservoir located in Southeastern part of Turkey. From well log recordings, the production formation is seen almost clean. In other words, the shale amount of the formation is so small that it can be neglected. Thus, to calculate the water saturation in those wells, the well-known Archie water saturation equation is used. Since the formation is fractured carbonate, the cementation factor (m ) and saturation exponent (n ) of conventional value of أ2ؤ each cannot be used for the water saturation calculation. Instead, these parameters are obtained from generalized crossplot of log-derived porosity and resistivity technique. Finally, each well is divided into zones using porosity data. Zonation is conducted based on statistical method, ANOVA (analysis of variance). Well-01 and Well-02 are both divided into two zones. On the other hand, the statistical method was initially divided Well-03 into three zones. However, Well-03 is better described as a whole zone, depending on the geological analysis and engineering judgment. After the zonation, the zones are correlated from well to well. The water saturations in significantly correlated zones are examined. Also, using the same statistical method, the water saturation zones are identified. However, these zones do not coincide with the porosity zones. This difference is attributed
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C. Dalkhaa, “Study of modeling of water saturation in archie and non-archie porous media,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.