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Constant voltage, constant frequency operation of a self-excited induction generator

Çalışkan, Ahmet
In this thesis, control schemes for the self-excited induction generator are developed with Matlab/Simulink. Self-excited induction generator is considered as a constant voltage-constant frequency supply for an isolated load. A wind turbine is assumed to be the variable-speed drive of the induction generator. Control schemes aim to ensure a constant voltage-constant frequency operation of the induction generator in case of the variations in the wind speed and/or the load. From the general model of the self-excited induction generator, the characteristics of the system and the dynamic responses of the system in case of any disturbance are examined. Next, the control strategies are developed both for the squirrel-cage rotor induction generator and for the wound-rotor induction generator. Two control loops are necessary for constant voltage-constant frequency operation of a variable speed induction generator, one for the voltage regulation and the other for the frequency regulation. After developing the control loops, constant voltage-constant frequency operation of the self-excited induction generator is simulated with a cage type saturation adaptive induction generator, a fixed capacitor with thyristor controlled reactor (TCR) used for frequency regulation and switched external resistors connected to the stator terminals used for voltage regulation.