Ground vibration assessment at y-3 panel of Tunçbilek open pit lignite mine

Büyükyıldırım, Kürşad
Yörgüç village is within the close neighbourhood of the Western Lignite Corporation Y-3 panel. Although the nearest part of the mine is 1100 m and the farthest part is 2500 m from the village at present, some of the villagers complained about the ground vibration at the past. Therefore the assessment of damage risk and, if any, control and minimization of vibrations constitutes the aim and the scope of this research work. The researh work consists of monitoring of vibration, characterising of the seismic waves by full wave form analysis, and determination of magnitude and frequency of the waves from round blasting practice. Also dominant frequencies are determined, using single-hole blasting records by special software. The analyses are continued by a critical discussion and evaluation, and, proposals for new firing methods are made. The proposed firing methods are validated by further monitoring. As a result the best blasting practice was selected and offered to control and minimize the ground vibration.


Blast optimization for the assessment of ground vibrations at Demirbilek panel of Tunçbilek mine
Arseven, Burak; Bilgin, Hasan Aydın; Department of Mining Engineering (2003)
Demirbilek village is located within the close neighbourhood of the Demirbilek open cast mine. The stripping operation at the mine is done by bench blasting. The blasting induced ground vibration already caused the structural damage in the buildings at the above mentioned village. Therefore, the control and minimization of ground vibrations constitutes the aim and the scope of this research work. The research work consisted of monitoring of vibration, characterising the seismic waves, determination of magni...
An Assessment of the planning and operational performance of the Bus Rapid Transit in Istanbul
Yüce, Elif Can; Babalık, Ela; Department of City and Regional Planning (2013)
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Women's sense of safety in high-rise mass housing estates: the case of Kusunlar Toki in Ankara, Turkey
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Designing and building high-rise housing estates have been a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. A review of the literature shows that there are various advantages and disadvantages of living in such settings. Most of the discussions focus on the impact of these environments on the health and psychological wellbeing of residents. Less is known about how high-rise environments affect individuals’ use of public spaces related to their sense of safety, especially for women who live in high-rise mass housing ...
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Akkar Ercan, Zübeyde Müge (2010-07-11)
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DIRIK, K (Wiley; 1993-12-01)
The study area is located in the southern part of the Central Pontides. The rocks exposed in this region have been divided into three major groups: basement, cover sequence and volcanic rocks. The basement rocks are composed of metamorphic units and a chaotic assemblage derived from an accretionary prism produced during the northward subduction of northern Neo-Tethys during the Late Cretaceous. During the same period, the basal element of the cover sequence, a thick and coarsening upward flysch succession (...
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K. Büyükyıldırım, “Ground vibration assessment at y-3 panel of Tunçbilek open pit lignite mine,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.