Craft culture as the source of inspiration for industrial design in Turkey

Demircan, Değer
It is widely known that Turkey has a great amount of data of traditions and cultures on its broad land. By the effects of different dynamics in the 20th century, many craftsmanship and mastery as parts of traditional culture have been transforming day by day. Throughout that transformation period, some traditional craft products could find alternative methods to survive although some others did not. Craft products have been searched by social anthropology since they are members of material culture of humankind for a long time. It can be said that most contemporary objects are transformed versions of older ones in the history. However, all the products today are continuously transforming by the effects of different factors. There still are craft objects and craftsmanship in the market. Traditional craft products, in Turkey, have been transforming by the effects of technology, change in social conditions and marketing issues and designer̕s initiative as well. Industrialization directly has effected craft production to weaken but some alternative methods are found to provide revival of these professions and objects. This study examined transformation in craft objects focusing on the existing scene of traditional products in Turkish market. Data about craft culture is collected through observations and interviews with craftsmen considering existing craft products in the market. Examples of craft objects and objects designed by getting inspired from craft culture are classified in the chart constituting a schema for the methods for transformation of craft objects. Dynamic factors affecting the transformation process of craft objects are discussed. The need for the revival of traditional culture via design and reasons to do so are explained. In the thesis, it is claimed that one of the agents of traditional product̕s transformation is the designer̕s attitude. Designer can
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D. Demircan, “Craft culture as the source of inspiration for industrial design in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.