Robust data hidings scheme with turbo codes

Ünal, Barış
This study describes the design and implementation of a robust data hiding algorithm which is provided by turbo codes. As the digital technology grows up, it is getting easy to copy and distribute multimedia products without getting legal permission. This has forced researchers to study in digital watermarking areas. Along with watermarking researches, data hiding studies have gained interest in the last decade. Different watermark and data hiding algorithms have been proposed considering different requirements and properties such as robustness, fidelity, invisibility and data hiding capacity. In this thesis, robustness of watermarking systems and fidelity requirement in watermark models are considered and use of turbo codes is proposed with data embedding systems to improve system performance in terms of robustness. Fundamental watermarking algorithms in DCT domain are analyzed and simulated. Their performances in terms of robustness are presented. Data hiding algorithm which is based on projection and perturbation in transform domain is implemented in visual C. Then turbo codes are applied to this algorithm to improve system robustness. Improvement provided by turbo codes is demonstrated and compared with other discussed watermarking systems.
Citation Formats
B. Ünal, “Robust data hidings scheme with turbo codes,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.