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The non-uniform argon dc glow discharge system parameters measured with fast three couples of double probe

Akbar, Demiral
The non-uniform dc glow discharge plasma system is studied by using isolated computer controlled three couples of double probe system (TCDP) in argon gas, simultaneously. TCDP system has been developed to use for magnetized, unmagnetized, and for low oscillating plasma systems by using low pass filter with optically isolated circuitry to minimize the measurement errors with higher resolution and accuracy. Difference in the shapes and diameters of the discharge tube from region to region leads to change in the positive column glow discharge properties. This is because the positive column inhomogeneities, rising from the increase in the electron densities at the small tube radius region than the large one. Therefore, the axial electric field and the electron temperature have been diverted from their normal behavior in the positive column. However, at the large radius regions, the axial electric field seams to stay approximately constant at higher discharge currents. On the other hand, In this work the radial dependence of the electron temperature, density, floating potential, and the normalized probe radius (?=rp