The effects of tanzimat and origins of political conflict between the Armenian and Kurdish communities in the Ottoman Empire, 1839-1876

Özdemir, Fatih
This thesis, depending on some Ottoman archival documents, examines the effects of the Tanzimat reforms on the Ottoman Armenians and Kurds and the origins of the conflicts amongst these communities in the Ottoman Empire. The reforms initiated in the Tanzimat era had such a transformative effect both on the Ottoman Armenian and Kurdish societies that social, political and economic structures of the two communities changed radically. Due to the effects of the Tanzimat reforms and of these structural changes, the relations between the Ottoman Armenian and Kurdish communities started to deteriorate and the communal conflicts emerged during the Tanzimat era. These conflicts between the Armenian and Kurdish communities continued after the Tanzimat era.


Change and Continuity in the Sivas Province, 1908-1918
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F. Özdemir, “The effects of tanzimat and origins of political conflict between the Armenian and Kurdish communities in the Ottoman Empire, 1839-1876,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.