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Target detection by the ambiguity function technique and the conventional fourier transform technique in frequency coded continuous wave radars

Akangöl, Mehmet
Continuous Wave (CW) radars are preferred for their low probability of intercept by the other receivers. Frequency modulation techniques, the linear frequency modulation (LFM) technique in particular, are commonly used in CW radars to resolve the range and the radial velocity of the detected targets. The conventional method for target detection in a linear FMCW radar makes use of a mixer followed by a low-pass filter whose output is Fourier transformed to get the range and velocity information. In this thesis, an alternative target detection technique based on the use of the Ambiguity Function (AF) will be investigated in frequency modulated CW radars. Results of the AF-based technique and the conventional Fourier-based technique will be compared for different target detection scenarios.