Database development for diamond core drilling bit selection using field

Güzeloğlu, Levent
Drilling bit optimization is one the key concepts in drilling engineering.It is considered as one f the economical factors in an overall well budget.Computers are strictly used as decision-making systems in the optimization calculations.Formation parameters are easily processed according to drilling bit selection criteria by the help of computer programs.Although computer program is an interface by which user makes computer some jobs,database is another important part of this necessary decision-making systems.Data is stored and can be modified in the database.Also necessary calculations can be accomplished by database so that results of these calculations and data can be reached by the computer programs.In this study,a database,holding field data is designed and a computer program calculating necessary parameters and related excel file holding output are prepared.Although mostly lowest costper foot is preferred and there isn't an absolute method for choosing optimum bit,this design can be helpful in selection period.
Citation Formats
L. Güzeloğlu, “Database development for diamond core drilling bit selection using field,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.