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The behaviour of flow in the immediate vicinity of a sloping rectangular channel with free overfall

Kutlu, İhsan
The flow characteristics of the subcritical and supercritical flows over a free overfall in a rectangular channel are studied experimentally. A series of experiments were conducted in a tilting flume with a wide range of flow rate. Data collected by several researchers are also included. An empirical relationship, which gives the flow rate as a function of the brink depth, the channel bed slope and the bed roughness are confirmed by using data collected in present study. In addition, the behaviors of the ratio of the brink depth to the critical depth according to several flow parameters are examined. Further, the location of the critical depth in subcritical flows while flow is approaching to the fall is investigated. It is concluded that the location of the critical depth in subcritical flow is a function of the Froude number, channel bed slope and the Manning roughness coefficient. The resemblance or the difference in the occurrence of the profile in sub and supercritical flows examined.