ICT utilization of exporter enterprises: a case study of Aegean Region exporters

Taşkın, Ekin
In this thesis, the e-awareness of exporter enterprises is investigated in the Aegean Region. This thesis aims to propose policy recommendations for the Aegean Region decision makers to increase ICT utilization of the exporter enterprises to attain competitiveness in global markets. The research is conducted with a web-based survey that was open for two months. Survey aims to find out the enterprises̕ ICT profile, for what reasons and with what amount of importance they use ICT, their reluctance to new ICT tools implementation and their needs for successful implementation of ICT tools. 3140 enterprises, which are the members of Aegean Exporters̕ Associations, are informed about the survey by an e-mail notification, 267 exporter enterprises are participated to the survey. As it was expected, the survey showed that although the enterprises are using low-level ICT tools, they have desire to implement ICT tools because they believe that implementing ICT will increase their sales and profits. However, due to the problems in human resources, financial resources, information and know-how and the problems in network of relationships, implementing more ICT tools will not be easy in the short ا run.


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E. Taşkın, “ICT utilization of exporter enterprises: a case study of Aegean Region exporters,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.