Evaluation of alluvial deposits in Gemlik basin in terms of earthquake codes.

Avşar, Ulaş
Gemlik County is located in the Marmara Region (NW Turkey), which has been affected by destructive earthquakes sourced from North Anatolian Fault System throughout its history. The bulk of the settlement rests on alluvial deposits of the Gemlik pull-apart basin. So, it is vital to investigate the foundation soils in this basin and the response of them to earthquakes. Many earthquake codes were established by the authorities in different countries of the world to estimate the possible ground shaking and seismic loads which may act on buildings. In this study, Turkish Earthquake Code (TEC-1998) and Eurocode-8 (EN-1998) have been utilized. The analyses showed that EN-1998 results in more conservative estimates relative to TEC-1998, in terms of spectral ordinates. The source of difference between TEC-1998 and EN-1998 has been investigated and three possible reasons have been identified. The variation is probably due to the different seismic characteristics of Turkey and Europe, different soil amplification levels defined by the codes, and different soil classification procedures of the codes.
Citation Formats
U. Avşar, “Evaluation of alluvial deposits in Gemlik basin in terms of earthquake codes.,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.