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Reliability and validity of Turkish version of customer satisfaction scale for health care and fitness clubs

Kutlu, Deniz
Customer satisfaction is the key for the accomplishment of health care and fitness companies. It is a process beginning with identifying customer vision management and ending with customer loyalty and retention. The purpose of this study was to test the reliability and validity of Turkish version of the Customer Satisfaction Scale (CSS) for health care and fitness clubs. The sampling group that was the customers of the private health care and fitness centers consisted of 150 female (47.3 %) and 167 male (52.7 %), totally 317 people. Principal component analysis (PCA) was performed for the factor analysis of the items. Five factors emerged which accounted for 65.7 % of the variance related with social and intellectual improvement, physical and psychological satisfaction, facility attractivity, staff attitudes and competence and cleanness of the center. Internal consistency method was used to test reliability. Cronbach alpha values indicated highly reliable results. For all items= .92 Factor 1= .88, factor 2= .89, factor 3= .80, factor 4= .81, factor 5= .81 The present study demonstrated that Customer Satisfaction Scale is a reliable and a valid instrument to measure customer satisfaction of the members of health care and fitness clubs in Turkey.