Analysis of high school physics textbooks

Kavaz, Sevim
The purpose of this study is (1) to investigate the characteristics of ideal physics textbooks, (2) to investigate the students, teachers, textbook writers, book committee members and science education instructors’ opinions whether the 9th grade physics textbooks, used in TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), possess the characteristics of an ideal physics textbook, and (3) to investigate how physics textbooks should be used and how they are being used. In this study, “Physics Textbooks Evaluation Questionnaires”, which were prepared for physics teachers, 9th grade students, National Ministry of Education book committee members, science education instructors and physics textbook writers separately, were used as measuring instruments. The study was conducted with 591 students, 18 physics teachers, 4 book committee members, 3 science education instructors in Magosa and Lefkoşa cities in TRNC, and 4 physics textbook writers in 2005-2006 spring semester. The data were analyzed by using frequency analysis. Results revealed that most of the opinions of the participants matched with the literature review in terms of ideal physics textbooks characteristics. In addition, according to most of the textbook writers and book committee members, textbooks, that were analyzed, possessed most of the characteristics of ideal physics textbooks in the nine determined categories. However, according to most of the teachers’ and students’ opinions, analyzed physics textbooks possessed most of the ideal physics textbook characteristics in all categories except instructional approach category. Students’ views on usage of physics textbooks indicated that most of the teachers and students’ levels of using physics textbooks were almost similar. In addition, all groups of the participants stated that it is necessary to support textbooks with other sources.


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S. Kavaz, “Analysis of high school physics textbooks,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.