Theoretical investigation of laser produced Ni-like Sn plasma

Yurdanur, Elif
In this thesis, theoretical investigation of nickel-like tin plasma is presented. X-ray production in a plasma medium produced by a laser beam is reviewed. Applications mostly, lithography are discussed. Two different schemes for x-ray lasing, namely, quasi-steady state and transient collisional excitation are explained and compared. The computer codes that are used for plasma, especially for laser produced plasma and x-ray laser including hydrodynamic codes, ray-trace codes and collisional radiative codes are discussed. The code used in this work, EHYBRID, is considered in more detail. An experimental setup which can allow x-ray lasing is designed for different plasma and laser parameters are analyzed by means of EHYBRID code. Results are briefly discussed and as a future work the realization of the related experiment is mentioned.
Citation Formats
E. Yurdanur, “Theoretical investigation of laser produced Ni-like Sn plasma,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.