UNDP's approach to women's rights: dthe case of Turkey

Devlet, Yelda
This study has focused on UNDP’s approach to women’s rights particularly in Turkey. In order to provide a context for the discussion of the role of the UNDP in Turkey on the realization of women’s rights, the thesis examines the emergence of women’s rights discourse within the international arena and its repercussions in Turkey. This has facilitated the understanding of (1) the emergence of a women’s rights movement at the global level, (2) the spread of the idea and perception of ‘women’s rights’ movement in Turkish society, and (3) the transformation of the approaches related to women’s issues within the Turkish context. in the light of the support of the UNDP programmes in Turkey. Within this context, this research focused on two UNDP programmes including “National Programme for Enhancement of Women in Development” and “Local Agenda 21”. Both of the programmes have had progressive impacts over the enhancement of women’s rights in Turkey in different stages. They are critical tools on facilitating the contributions and effectiveness of the UNDP in engendering the political agenda in Turkey. It is believed that analyzing the impacts of the UNDP’s women’s rights related programs has crucial importance for identifying the gaps and recommending solutions to bridge the gaps in Turkey.
Citation Formats
Y. Devlet, “UNDP’s approach to women’s rights: dthe case of Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.