A critical approach to the evaluation of the establishment of provinces in the Turkish pblic administration system

Aktan, Ali Şahin
The establishment of new provinces, as administrative divisions of central government, is based on the criteria and principles stated in the Constitution and the Provincial Administration Act numbered 5442. It is argued that the principles in the legislation are not sufficient and objective for establishing provinces. The number of the provinces began to increase after the multiparty period, dated 1946, and gained momentum after 1980s. The aim of this thesis is to explore the justification of the establishment of new provinces: Were they established in conformity with the legislation? Or established with political concerns? In this respect, the last 14 provinces, established after 1980s, are analyzed as a case study.


An assessment of political fair representation in Ankara metropolitan municipal council
Memiş, Can Emre; Yavuz, Nilay; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2020-10)
In representative democracies, representation in the councils formed as a result of elections is one of the indispensible elements. In municipal councils, which are the closest administrative units to the public, different opinions should be represented in parallel with the election results as much as possible. Therefore, political fair representation is an important issue in representation. This thesis examines the degree of political fair representation in Ankara Metropolitan Municipal Council by an...
Different Forms of Governance: Responses of Two Metropolitan Regions in Turkey to State Restructuring
Ataöv Demirkan, Anlı; Eraydın, Ayda (2011-09-01)
Important differences have recently become apparent in the forms of governance being implemented in different metropolitan regions, even among those within the same country. A number of theoretical debates attempt to explain the nature of these differences, emphasizing the importance of structural factors as well as embedded economic and social characteristics. This article aims to show that existing theoretical debates are linked by three issues that act as interfaces among them: institutions, flows in the...
A Brief overview on EU institutional change from foundation to Lisbon
Zerrin, SAVAŞAN (Ankara Avrupa Calismalari Dergisi, 2012)
This article aims to examine EU institutional change focusing on four main political institutions (the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Council) and three EU Treaties (Treaties of Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon). In this respect, firstly, it gives information briefly on EU institutional structure existing from the EU’s foundation to the acceptance of Treaty of Amsterdam(ToA). Secondly, it studies on the amendments and developments regarding the EU instit...
The Relationship between the Changes in the Population Information System and the "Citizen" Participating in Public Administration and Benefiting from Public Services in Turkey
Bozbeyoglu, Alanur Cavlin; Tilic, Helga Rittersberger (2011-03-01)
In 2007, official population information has started to be provided through the Address Based Registration System (ADNKS), instead of population censuses, thus resulting in a differentiation in the public administration and public services. In this article, first the concept of citizenship and the transformation of the citizenship regime of Turkey associated with population information gathering practices will be discussed. With an aim to reveal the change in the population information system, population da...
The gender of justice system: Women's access to justice in Turkey
Hatipoglu-Aydin, Duygu; Aydın, Mustafa Berkay (Elsevier BV, 2016-12-01)
Access to justice as a practical and process based concept may be defined as the capacity of people to access judicial institutions which shall bring solution to common judicial problems of the people. While the burdens before access to justice are common for various groups, women may suffer more frequently accessing these institutions and have difficult time to overcome the burdens due to other structures which produce inequality. The article focuses on women's access conditions to justice in Turkey and th...
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A. Ş. Aktan, “A critical approach to the evaluation of the establishment of provinces in the Turkish pblic administration system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.