Realizing the specifiation and execution of workflows through the event calculus

Yılmaz, Hüseyin
Workflow management promises a solution to an age-old problem: controlling,monitoring, optimizing and supporting business processes. What is new about workflow management is the explicit representation of the business process logic which allows for computerized support. In the light of this support, many researchers developed different approaches to model new systems with different capabilities to solve this age-old problem. One of the approaches is using logicbased methodology for the specification and execution of workflows. Here, the event calculus, a logic programming formalism for representing events and their effects especially in database applications, is used for this approach. It is shown that the control flow graph of a workflow specification can be expressed as a set of logical formulas and the event calculus can be used to specify the role of a workflow manager through a set of rules for the execution dependencies of activities. Constructed workflow formalization through Event Calculus is realized by using recent technologies, and the resulting product is named as EventFlow,including some administrative interfaces to manage system and workflow engine. The thesis describes the architecture and implementation details of EventFlow, an editor developed for graphical representation of control flow graph, and technologies used in the implementation. And an example application is built to show the usability and execution of the implemented system.
Citation Formats
H. Yılmaz, “Realizing the specifiation and execution of workflows through the event calculus,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.