European identity and the European Union : the prospects and limits

Kap, Derya
The objective of this thesis is to analyze the concept of ‘European identity’ within the context of the European Union (EU) in terms of constructivist approach. This thesis is based on the idea that European integration project needs a shared identity; it is essential means for the success and continuity of an ‘ever closer Union’. In this context, the aim of the thesis is to find out the answers to the questions of whether the EU has a European identity; whether a post-national European identity is viable and desirable; if so, which model of identity is more viable and desirable. Through adopting the constructivist approach the main argument of this thesis is that a European identity is as a process and project. The thesis further argues European identity as a ‘thin’ identity is still in the process of formation and its uncertain content and ‘future-oriented’ character is open to new codifications. Accordingly, the thesis contains three main parts ; the viable and desirable post-national European identity ; the EU’s identity building strategies ; the impact of European integration and the effects of identity-building strategies on both national and European identities since the 1950s to present.
Citation Formats
D. Kap, “ European identity and the European Union : the prospects and limits,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.