Analysis of pulse diversity in radar systems

Keçelioğlu, Umut
In this thesis, the pulse diversity technique in radar systems in high clutter environments is investigated. In this technique, different pulse compression methods are used in each pulse in the transmitted burst to increase the unambiguous range. In pulse diversity, the design of filters used in the receiver is as important as designing the transmitted waveform. At the output of pulse-burst filter that processes pulse-by-pulse, as many channels as the pulses in the burst occur. Each of these channels is matched to a certain range interval. In order to improve the detector performance, the phase codes used in the transmitted pulse-burst waveform and their corresponding filters must have good auto-correlation and cross-correlation properties, either individually or as their sum. In the literature some phase codes, having mentioned properties, are present. However, the performance of these codes in radar applications is not fully evaluated. The studies in the thesis show that the codes in the literature cannot be used directly in radar applications. In the scope of thesis, optimization criteria suitable for radar applications are defined and applied according to the mentioned requirements. Then, the obtained phase codes are tested in the radar simulator.


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U. Keçelioğlu, “Analysis of pulse diversity in radar systems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.