The changing perceptions of gender roles among two cohorts of women : a study in Ankara

Eke, Deniz Coşan
The purpose of the thesis is to try to examine whether there is change in the perception of gender roles between two cohorts. The focus point of this study is what the difference between old women and young women is; how these women define their gender roles in the public and private spheres and how they describe their relations with their husbands and their children. The main argument in this thesis is that altering the perception of gender roles might be a way to create different policies regarding the problem of gender inequality. To achieve this aim, first gender roles are presented in different sociological approaches. Then, the term socialization is examined in different approaches to analyze how gender roles occur at micro-level of social relations. Finally, the term patriarchy is discussed to interpret macro level definitions of gender roles within private and public spheres. In this study, the general tendency of the perception of gender roles is formulated in the discussion of these concepts. The perception of gender roles of two cohorts women were conceptualized within the context of gender, marriage, work life and violence against women. In general, the analyses of perceptions among two cohorts’ women showed that younger women have more egalitarian perception on gender roles. One of the most important results of this study is that education was emphasized as the key variable in achieving gender equality. Consequently, if studies had paid sufficient attention to the perceptions of gender roles, the issues of gender inequality or equality in policies and programs could have been discussed more profoundly and gender consciousness and awareness could have been promoted. The stereotypical perceptions of gender roles, that have been developed and standardized over a long time, have been the major obstacles in the formation of a gender-equal society.


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D. C. Eke, “The changing perceptions of gender roles among two cohorts of women : a study in Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.