Enforcement of intellectual property rights in a general framework and evaluation of enforcement measures in the EU context

Coşkun, Asu
This thesis analyzes the enforcement measures for the protection of intellectual property rights in an international and regional framework. The challenges posed by the digital technology; the difficulties faced by right holders, judiciary, public agencies, international and regional organizations in the implementation stages will be discussed by referring to the legal texts such as the TRIPS Agreement, the EU Enforcement Directive and Regulations. All dimensions of counterfeiting and piracy will constitute an important focus of this thesis. The thesis will seek to clarify uncertainties arising from the jurisdictional conflicts for the determination of the applicable law and competent courts in intellectual property cases involving foreign elements.


Civil law claims on the enforcement of competition rules : a comparative study of US, EU and Turkish laws
Bülbül, Aslı; Aşçıoğlu Öz, Gamze; Department of European Studies (2006)
Private enforcement, which primarily represents individuals’ right to claim damage arisen from violations of competition law, supplements public enforcement and ensures indemnification of individual loss. However, private enforcement of competition law has fallen behind public law enforcement in laws presented in this study, other than those enforced in the USA. Realizing this fact, European Commission, has recently focused on the enhancement and facilitation of private enforcement in the Community competit...
The contribution of strategic spatial planning to the establishment of democratic governance structures
Soysal, Begüm; Ataöv Demirkan, Anlı; Department of City and Regional Planning (2008)
This thesis aims to search the contribution of strategic spatial planning to the establishment of democratic governance structures. Within this aim; it discusses strategic spatial planning with respect to its procedural and organizational characteristics and the notion of governance with respect to the issue of participatory democracy. Additionally; it argues that strategic spatial planning includes some conditions including that enhance the development of democratic governance. In doing these; it both cove...
Harmonisation in european union on industrial property rights protection procedures : effects on Turkey within the framework of customs union
Demirdağ, Serap; Aşçıoğlu Öz, Gamze; Department of European Studies (2004)
This thesis aims at answering two questions under the topic of Harmonisation of Industrial Property Rights Protection Procedures in the European Union. The questions researched are: أWhat are the current systems of Industrial Property Rights protection in the world, in the European Union and Turkey?ؤ and أIs there a way for Turkey to be included within the EU Industrial Property protection system in the future while still being under the relation of Customs Union?ؤ. To answer these questions current systems...
Intellectual Property Monopolies: Towards a New Mercantilism?
Dolcerocca, Antoıne (2016-03-01)
The agreement on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPs), signed within the GATT framework in 1994, set the international standards and objectives for the protection of intellectual property. Although the agreement was very favorable to western intellectual property oriented firms, the few concessions to developing countries, such as a ten-years delay to implement harsher intellectual property regulations, left some core country corporations dissatisfied. Indeed, as soon as the TRIPs agre...
On Multinational Corporations and the Provision of Positive Rights
Parkan, Barış (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2009-01-01)
Increased and active involvement of multinational corporations in the promotion of social welfare, in developing Countries in particular, through the facilitation of partnerships and cooperation with public and nonprofit sectors, challenges the existing framework of our social and political institutions, the boundaries of nation-states, the distinction between the private and public spheres of our lives, and thus Our freedom. The blurring of certain distinctions, which ought to be observed between the polit...
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A. Coşkun, “Enforcement of intellectual property rights in a general framework and evaluation of enforcement measures in the EU context,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.