Simulation of circulating fluidized bed combustors

Göğebakan, Yusuf
A dynamic mathematical model for simulation of atmospheric circulating fluidized bed combustors has been developed on the basis of first principles and empirical correlations. The model accounts for dense and dilute zone hydrodynamics, volatiles release and combustion, char particles combustion and their size distribution, and heat transfer from/to gas, particles, waterwalls and refractory. Inputs to the model include configuration and dimensions of the combustor and its internals, air and coal flows, coal analysis, all solid and gas properties, inlet temperatures of air, cooling water, and feed solids, size distribution of feed solids; whereas outputs include transient values of combustor temperatures, gas concentrations, char and inert hold-ups and their size distributions. The solution procedure employs method of lines approach for the governing non-linear partial differential equations and combined bisection and secant rule for non-linear algebraic equations. The initial conditions required for the model are provided from the simultaneous solution of governing equations of dynamic model with all temporal derivatives set to zero. By setting all temporal derivatives to zero, model can also be utilized for steady state performance prediction. In order to assess the validity and predictive accuracy of the model, it was applied to the prediction of the steady state behavior of Technical University of Nova Scotia 0.3 MWt CFBC Test Rig and predictions were compared with measurements taken on the same rig. Comparison of model predictions at steady state conditions revealed that the predictions of the model are physically correct and agree well with the measurements and the model is successful in qualitatively and quantitatively simulating the processes taking place in a circulating fluidized bed combustor
Citation Formats
Y. Göğebakan, “Simulation of circulating fluidized bed combustors,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2006.