An analysis on the daytime woman talk shows in Turkey

Gün, Çağan
As from 2000, the “daytime woman talk shows” with the contents of family tragedies, personal disasters and discussions increasingly draw audience’s attention, particularly women’s, became a popular TV genre with almost every private TV channel having one of its own in the year 2005 in Turkey. Defining themselves as “reality shows” presenting only “reality” and “spontaneity”, the basic claim of these programs is that the ordinary people are hosted to the programs, the problems in their everyday lives are deal with in an enlightening and educational manner, and solutions are brought to them with thanks of the programme. These daytime woman talk shows that led to various discussions in the country’s agenda with some death events experienced and their controversial functions form the subject of this study. The principal purpose of the thesis is to understand which production practices and dynamics why and how play a role in the content formation and the production process of the programs and in this manner to explain the place and significance of the programs in the Turkish television industry. In the thesis, three programs are analyzed as the pioneering and confrontational shows of this genre in Turkey. The specific features and the world wide historical developments of the daytime woman talk shows are handled on, along with their fundamental elements, and also the interviews with show producers and participants, and the observations about the production processes are included in the analysis.
Citation Formats
Ç. Gün, “An analysis on the daytime woman talk shows in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.