Emergence of art galleries in Ankara : a case study of three pionerring galleries in the 1950s

Önsal, Başak
This thesis attempts to analyze the emergence of private art galleries in Turkey by focusing on specifically the three art galleries, namely Gallery Milar, Helikon Society’s Gallery, and Society of Artlovers’ Gallery that were opened in Ankara during 1950s. To this aim, both the artistic movements and governmental policies regarding the artistic field are mentioned from a historical point of view. Interviews, analysis of relevant literature, examining periodical magazines, and daily newspapers constitute the main sources of data collecting. In conclusion, in the light of our findings it is decided that the formation of art market and emergence of art galleries in Turkey have quite different characteristics from the western example as a result of its own social, cultural and economic dynamics in the historical frame.


Institutional transformation of arts in Turkey: emergence of private art museums
Çerçioğlu Yücel, Gözde; Saktanber, Ayşe Nur; Tanyeri Erdemir, Tuğba; Department of Sociology (2014)
This dissertation explores the emergence of private art museums in 2000‘s in İstanbul, by focusing on three pioneering cases: Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (Sabancı Museum), istanbul Museum of Modern Art (İstanbul Modern) and Pera Museum. The aim of this study is to trace the history of emergence of private museums in Turkey, and their construction as an organizational field (DiMaggio & Powell 1983). Inquiring how did private museums emerge in Turkey, this dissertation argues that these three priv...
Public art in urban space: the case of Yeldeğirmeni, Istanbul
Demir, Cansu; Çalışkan, Olgu; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2019)
Art and space are considerable reflection areas of social practices which have been transformed with the great social and cultural changes in the world. Following the influential socio-political movements in 1960s when art went out of galleries and museums, the contact between these two domains got much closer in the way of increased publicness. With its involvement in daily life, public art became widespread within a short period of time, and turned out to be one of the aspects of spatial design as well. B...
Urban parasites : re-appropriation of interstitial spaces in architecture through the act of graffiti
Yıldırım, Senem; Balamir, Aydan; Department of Architecture (2013)
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Art as a social process : hybrid constitution of new media art form
Hasdemir, Bilge; Mücen, Barış; Department of Sociology (2013)
This thesis attempts to analyze the formation of art as social process by focusing on hybrid constitution of new media art form. Hybridization in new media art is taken into account as intersection of different spheres by which limitations of different spheres transcend and new possiblities arise. Accordingly, not only new media art form is established via various types of relationings but also it leads to formation of different types of social relations.
The presentation of industrial design in the popular media: a research study on popular home style magazines in the post-1980 period in Turkey
Tanglay, Özgün; Erzen, Jale Adile; Department of History of Architecture (2007)
This study aims to analyze how industrial design as a profession and discipline has been presented to the public in Turkey. The object of the study is constituted by the popular home style magazines which increased rapidly in number through the dynamics of the post-1980 period. These publications have been inspected in the scope of the research and their in constructing and shaping public awareness about design culture has been the focus of the study. The main theme of the thesis is focused on the analysis ...
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B. Önsal, “Emergence of art galleries in Ankara : a case study of three pionerring galleries in the 1950s,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.