Short distance sequence stratigraphic correlation in a carbonate succession of Fele area (North of Beyşehir Lake, Western Taurides, Turkey)

Bayazıtoğlu, Muzaffer


Short term temporal & spatial fluctuations in marine cyanobacterium synechococcus abundance in oligotrophic deep shelf waters (northeastern Mediterranean)
Uysal, Zahit (2017-01-01)
© by PSP.Abundance of picoplanktonic marine cyano-bacterium Synechococcus was monitored weekly over a year period at an oligotrophic deep shelf station in the northeastern Levantine basin (northeastern Mediterranean). In addition to abundance, ambient parameters such as; temperature, salinity, secchi disc depth, total suspended sediment, ni-trate+nitrite, phosphate, chlorophyll and phyto-plankton were also collected. Population was found most abundant during March & December (1.8 × 104 cells/ml) and June & ...
Short-range correlations in a one-dimensional electron gas
Tas, M; Tomak, Mehmet (American Physical Society (APS), 2003-06-15)
We use the Singwi-Sjolander-Tosi-Land (SSTL) approximation to investigate the short-range correlations in a one-dimensional electron gas. We find out that the SSTL approximation satisfies the compressibility sum rule somewhat better than the more widely used Singwi-Tosi-Land-Sjolander approximation in the case of a one-dimensional electron gas.
High-resolution sequence stratigraphic correlation in the Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)-Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) peritidal carbonate deposits (Western Taurides, Turkey)
Altıner, Demir; Yılmaz, İsmail Ömer; Bayazitoglu, M; Gaziulusoy, ZE (1999-01-01)
Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian)- Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) inner platform carbonates in the Western Taurides are composed of metre-scale upward-shallowing cyclic deposits (parasequences) and important karstic surfaces capping some of the cycles. Peritidal cycles (shallow subtidal facies capped by tidal-Aat laminites or fenestrate limestones) are regressive- and transgressive-prone (upward-deepening followed by upward-shallowing facies trends). Subtidal cycles are of two types and indicate incomplete shall...
Short Time Series Microarray Data Analysis and Biological Annotation
Sökmen, Zerrin; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan; Atalay, Rengül (2008-01-01)
Significant gene list is the result of microarray data analysis should be explained for the purpose of biological functions. The aim of this study is to extract the biologically related gene clusters over the short time series microarray gene data by applying unsupervised methods and automatically perform biological annotation of those clusters. In the first step of the study, short time series microarray expression data is clustered according to similar expression profiles. After that, several biological d...
Short term load forecasting using GLVQ algorithm cascaded with a supervised ann
Balya, Bengü Bala; Erkmen, İsmet; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1994)
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M. Bayazıtoğlu, “Short distance sequence stratigraphic correlation in a carbonate succession of Fele area (North of Beyşehir Lake, Western Taurides, Turkey),” Middle East Technical University, 1998.