Mechanisms for the bourgeois hold of state power and the case of Turkey

Selçuk, Fatma Ülkü
This thesis attempts to stress the decisiveness of armed force for the capitalist hold of state power and that only if a multi-level analytical framework is adopted a fuller account of the reality can be given with reference to the capitalist hold of state power. After laying the methodological and theoretical grounds for a multi-level analysis along with the privilege of armed force as the factor enabling the state power, it concretizes the multi-level analytical framework in the context of Turkey. It drives the attention to the co-existence of micro and macro level factors influential over state practices. The mafia forces are also proposed to be integrated to the analysis of the capitalist state on account of the considerable economic and armed means they hold. The Weberian approach describing the state in terms of its monopoly of legitimate use of force is proposed to be replaced by an alternative one not holding the consent of the inhabitants as an unconditional necessity for the presence of the state. The class struggle process is held to take place at a site embracing the interplay of associative and communal relationships in a micro-macro range. The routes of tendential multiplicity and totality are attempted to be explored at least partially. Also the importance of strategy and tactics are stressed and some threats waiting the forces longing for a world without exploitation and domination are underlined.


Kadro movement and its political practice in the context of early republican era
Derin, Ozan Ekin; Erdoğan, Necmi; Department of Media and Cultural Studies (2016)
This thesis aimes to analyze political practice of the Kadro Movement in the context of the early rebuplican era in Turkey. Examining the problematic relationship of Kadro Movement with the fractions of Turkish bourgeoisie and land owners, this study tries to show how the Kadro group was struggled to realize their etatist project through strategical articulations and confrontations. It focuses on Kadro Movement’s political position and argumentation aganist class structure and its eventual development durin...
Making and unmaking of class : an inquiry into the working class experiences of garment workers in Istanbul under flexible and precarious conditions
Çubukçu, Soner; Erdoğan, Necmi; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2012)
This thesis analyzes class experiences of workers under flexible and precarious conditions of global neoliberal capitalism and tries to answer to what extent these conditions erode their capacities to develop antagonistic class consciousness and collective struggles. Specifically, based on a fieldwork consisting of semi-structured in-depth interviews with 24 workers living in slums of Istanbul, it deals with cultural analysis of working and daily-life experiences of workers involved in the global production...
Applying Machiavellian Discourses to Russian Hybrid Warfare
Yaman, Fuat; Kuşçu Bonnenfant, Işık; Department of Eurasian Studies (2022-3)
This thesis aims to analyze the underlying necessitates related to the implementation of the hybrid warfare concept by the Russian Federation within the conceptual framework of Machiavellian political philosophy that prerequisites well-being of the state above all the idealist considerations, thereby requiring the statesman to adapt to whatever changing circumstances necessitate. This thesis claims that certain political and military events that the Russian Federation has witnessed in the near history, such...
Political legimitimacy of nation state : shifts within the global context
Ateş, Davut; Yurdusev, Ahmet Nuri; Department of International Relations (2004)
The thesis investigates the basis of possible sources of shifts in the classical conceptualizations of political legitimacy of nation state as a result of the impositions of globalization. To this end, it first suggested that we should have a theory of globalization. Globalization in the fields of economy, politics, society, culture and identity along with fragmentation provides crucial changes in the roles and functions of the state, which result in fundamental transformation in the distinctive features of...
The critical analysis of alternative local government experiences in Turkey: the case of Hozat Municipality
Bozkurt, Engin; Ersoy, Melih; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2011)
When analyzed within Marxist theory understandings, local governments can be considered as a body of administrative, political, social and economic relations which are defined in a certain spatial scale based on uneven development of capital accumulation. This definition removes the local governments from the context of a simple organizational-administrative problem and places them into a political context. Hence, as experience and strategies of socialist customs in our country is investigated regarding loc...
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F. Ü. Selçuk, “Mechanisms for the bourgeois hold of state power and the case of Turkey,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2007.