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An assessment and analysis tool for statistical process control of software process

Kırbaş, Serkan
Statistical process control (SPC) which includes very powerful techniques used in other mature engineering disciplines for providing process control is not used by many software organizations. In software engineering domain, SPC is currently utilized only by organizations which have high maturity levels according to the process improvement models like CMM, ISO/IEC 15504 and CMMI. Guidelines and software tools to implement SPC techniques should be developed for effective use and dissemination of SPC especially for low maturity organizations. In this thesis, a software tool (SPC-AAT) which we developed to assess the suitability of software processes and metrics for SPC and use of SPC tools is presented. With SPC-AAT, we aim to ease and enhance application of SPC especially for emergent and low maturity organizations. Control charts, histograms, bar charts and pareto charts are the supported SPC tools for this purpose. We also explained the validation of the tool over two processes of a software organization in three case studies.