The role of "Kudeb" in the local authorities in the maintenance and simple repair processes of cultural heritage case study : Sivrihisar

Şahlan (Çeltik), Kevser
Turkey has a rich cultural heritage and traditional houses. However, this heritage is under the danger of extinction due to several reasons. On of the most important reason is not being able to make simple repair and maintenance of these buildings. Actually, to leave this heritage to future generations the most effective and low cost method for conserving traditional buildings is the simple repair and maintenance. In Turkey, the responsibility and authority of simple repair and maintenance is delegated to local administrations by the law of Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage no 2863 amended by law no 5226. According to this law Conservation Implementation Control and Education Bureaus (KUDEB) is the responsible organ in municipalities for simple repair and maintenance. In this thesis, in the light of current regulations KUDEB’s tasks in simple repair and maintenance together with functioning points. Later, a model was proposed regarding the functioning and financing of simple repair and maintenance in order to fill these missing points. Moreover, these proposals were tested in Sivrihisar scale and illustrated on the facades of Sivrihisar Houses.